Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing the DRUGSTORE GAME at WALGREENS ( Register Rewards Explained )

Walgreens and CVS are NOT the same :) They seem like they would be, but they differ in SO many ways. I am going to show you what you can, and cannot do with Register Rewards.


1. Register Rewards (a "manufacturer" type coupon for Walgreens that prints out of a Catalina machine separate from your receipt after your purchase)

2. In Ad coupons- These are coupons found in your store flyer. Get your flyer by the door, and in the Sunday papers. YOU MUST let the cashier scan the coupon for the sale price to take effect.

3. Coupon Booklet - This is a book filled with Walgreens coupons, that are STORE COUPONS! You can stack these with manufacturer coupons. You can find the books next to the store flyers

Register Reward Rules:

1. You may NOT receive more than one RR (register reward) per "like" item in one single transaction. For example, if you get $2 RR for buying blistex, and you want to buy 5 blistex in ONE transaction, ONLY ONE RR will print for $2. HOWEVER, you are more than welcome to do as many SEPARATE transactions as you wish for blistex, and get several RR's.

2. You MAY NOT use a RR you got for the "blistex" to buy ANOTHER blistex and EXPECT THE RR to print.. You cannot use a RR for purchasing a certain item to go and buy the same thing AND get the RR again.

3. RRs are considered "manufacturer coupons" in Walgreens system. Meaning, that you must be buying ONE ITEM PER COUPON. For example, if I have 5 RRs for $2 ea, and I want to buy a $10 item, they will make me get 4 more items to buy so that I may satisfy the rule of 1 coupon per item :) HOWEVER, if you have ONE RR worth $10, and you have 5 items that are $2 ea, you may use the one RR to pay for all 5 products.

4. There are NO overages!! They will NOT adjust the value of a coupon down. Your purchase must meet or exceed the value of the RR.

5. STORE COUPONS (walgreens sales ad coupons & the booklet coupons ARE STACKABLE with RR & MQ. So, you wouldnt need filler items if you purchased a product that you had a STORE COUPON & RR for :)

With that being said, YES, it is a little more complicated. BUT, as you saw with my Haul video yesterday, it CAN be done. Just make sure you know what you are doing BEFORE you walk in the store :) Get familiar with "filler" items that are cheap at your store to satisfy the policies!!!



  1. Thanks for that info - I've been wondering how RR work, and kind of assumed they were the same as CVS's ECB. You can use a RR and a regular manufacturer coupon on the same item though, right? Thanks so much!

  2. RRs are considered manufacturer coupons in Wags eyes... so, no, you have to have 1 item per MQ at Wags :)