Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playing the DRUGSTORE GAME at CVS (Get your GAME FACE ON!!)


Get your coupon GAME FACE ON!!! Im about to explain to you how to score cheap, free, or MONEY MAKER products at CVS by playing the "drugstore game". I am doing one for Walgreens too later today.

The best way I know to explain this to you is how I do it. Now, to get to the point where you MAKE MONEY (essentially, with ECBs) you will need to allow about 1-2 weeks to rack up ECB to roll. And I will explain why....

Here is a break-down on my haul early this morning (midnight Sunday morning lol), and steps leading up to the shopping trip. Just using it as an example. You can use this method when you go, with whatever is on sale / you have coupons for that week. Make sense? HOPE SO!!!!!

Step 1: I bought 4 early Sunday papers on Saturday (would have only been 2, but the Fort Worth paper didn't have as many coupons as the Dallas one, so I had to go back and get 2 Dallas papers as well :/ If you have another big city next to you I recommend getting 1 of each, if not 2 of each.

Step 2: Clipped all coupons and organized them in my binder (by doing this, I could visually SEE every coupon, and kind of know what I had before I did match ups). Some people do not clip, but I recommend clipping at least 2 papers so our brains can see the coupons we already have in our binder, plus get a glimpse at the new ones (refresh our minds)...

Step 3: I did my Match ups with CVS (refer to couponing 101: How to Match Up coupons)

Step 4: I wrote down several scenarios. Scenarios are simply transaction orders. I knew I needed to do more than 1 transaction, and I wanted to figure out the BEST order to do them in to get the most BANG for my buck. If I would have done everything in ONE transaction, I would have had to pay more. You will see why....

Step 5: I even went as far as to call the store and check stock on something before I went. Don't be afraid to do that! There is no sense in wasting gas money if you arrive, and you have nothing on the shelves. Thats just not how we SAVE money. Because if I were to have gone and everything I wanted (that I had coupons for) was out of stock, I would have probably spent money on something else just to have bought something.

Step 6: Grabbed Delia (my binder) and my purse, and my reusable bag (with bag tag on it) and headed out the door!!


**** I HAD $14 ECB with me that I had rolled over from last week when I walked in ****

Transaction #1

CVS' DEAL.. get $3 ECB wyb $10 of John Frieda products)
1- Root Awakening JF Sampoo (large bottle) $5 sale price
1-Root Awakening JF Sampoo (large bottle) $5 sale price
$10 subtotal
-MY COUPONS USED: 2-$2/1 John Frieda from Sunday Paper ($4 off total)
$6 new subtotal
- $6 ECB that I had when I came in
$0 NEW TOTAL, PLUS it spit out $3 in ECB on my receipt

**** At this point, I now have a total of $11 in ECB left  ****

Transaction #2

CVS' DEAL: get $5 ECB wyb $15 in Maybelline products
1- Falsies mascara $5 sale price
1- Dream Mouse foundation $9.79
1- twin pack of brow liners $4.00
$17.79 subtotal
- 20% off coupon I printed from my email (they sent to me for being a CVS member) It will take 20% off of all items that were NOT on sale (total of $2.76 off)
$15.03 new subtotal
1- $3/1 falsies mascara (came out of the magic coupon machine last week)
1- $2/1 Dream mouse foundation (printable coupon from last week
$11.28 new subtotal (INCLUDING TAX)
- $11 ECB (from my ECB I had rolled from trans #1)
$0.28 CENTS OOP (out of pocket)
And, it spit out $5 ECB on my receipt

**** Now, I have a total of $5 ECB left ****

Transaction #3

CVS' DEAL: Get $3 ECB wyb $10 in DP (3- 12 packs)
3- 12 packs of DP sodas $10 sale price
$10.41 subtotal ( I dont know why it had tax, but it did)
- $5 ECB (I had rolled from trans #2)
$5.41 OOP
Plus, it spit out $3 ECB on my receipt

*** Now, I have $3 ECB Left, that I am taking home with me ***

MY TOTAL OOP (OUT OF POCKET) for everything you see here was $5.69 NOT BAD!! Plus, I left with $3 ECB in my wallet lol

THAT is how you play the drugstore game. Its simply using basic math, and coupons to come out the best way to save money. I could have gotten out the door without paying a DIME of real money, BUT we needed drinks :/ So... in my eyes $5.69 cents (inc taxes) was not all too shabby for $50 worth of product) or more... The drinks ALONE were worth it. I would have been happy paying that for just three 12 packs. But I got A LOT more for that money.

** Remember, I CAME IN with ECB on hand ** You always want to ROLL your ECB (like I did with the DR. Pepper) That way, I will have $3 ECB when I go again.....

There are MANY MONEY SAVERS at CVS. I will do an in depth blog post and video separate!


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