Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Couponing 101 - Where to find coupons

There are MANY ways to get coupons, and some of them are 100% FREE!!!!

1. Sunday Paper - I get 2 papers on Saturday evening, and if there are good "match-ups" I will go Sunday morning, and get more if I need them. More than likely, they will be OUT of them come Monday :(

2. Printable Coupons - these are 100% free, as long as you have a computer, and a printer. 99% of these sites will allow you to print 2 like coupons per COMPUTER. However, depending on the manufacturer, they may let you print more than that. All you can do is TRY!
- Click PRINTABLE COUPONS on the top of this blog and get some HERE
- (also comes as a magazine sold at WALMART only!! And, the magazine has a BUNCH of coupons that are not on their site :) BUT HURRY, they run out at walmart FAST. I suggest that you get a subscription to them ;)

3. Hanger Coupons - These are coupons that are HANGING off of a product at the store. Usually cokes, mustard, etc....

4. Blinkie Coupons - You can find these down your grocery store aisles. They spit out coupons, and they have a tiny red lite that blinks. Usually husbands and boyfriends LOVE to run around and "hunt" for blinkies while you shop. They act SO EXCITED when they find a few and give them to you lol ;)

5. Peelies - Peelies are stickers that are stuck to a product at the store that you need to peel off when you get to the register and use.

6. Facebook - "like" a brand, and A LOT of them will let you print out coupons :) I will go into more details soon!

7. Manufacturer websites - Go to their site, usually you have to sign up, but some of them offer coupons when you do ;)

8. E-Coupons - E Coupons are coupons that you can upload to your STORE SAVINGS CARD via visiting their website. For example, kroger's website has a whole section for them. all you do is enter the #s on your savings card, and select the ones you want to upload. When you check out, the coupons will automatically come off of your total. HOWEVER, MOST stores will NOT double or triple E Coupons :) But they are great to have!!!! Also cellfire does it, and does as well... there are more. Google "ecoupons"

9. In store coupons - These are coupons you can find in your store flyer (circular), or on their website, such as , (also has manufacturer coupons) walgreens has then when you walk in next to the flyer, CVS has a magic coupon machine, and will also email them to you every now and then when you sign up for their card.. there are so many and I will do a video on this soon!

10. Magazines - There are a BUNCH of magazines that contain coupons... ALL YOU, GLAMOUR, FOOD MAGAZINES, and MORE!!!

11. YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY - believe it or not, not everyone likes to use coupons :( BUT they get the paper! Simply ask them if they mind if you take the insterts ;)

HOPE THIS HELPS!! More Couponing 101 to come!!!!


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