Thursday, June 9, 2011

Couponing 101 - How to " Match Up " coupons with store flyers

using an Albertsons store flyer, I am showing you how to match up coupons. When you grocery shop, you want to collect flyers from at least 3 stores that are closest to you. For Example, I use Kroger, albertsons, and Tom Thumb. Basically, coupon matching is as simple as it sounds. Its matching store sales with coupons you have on hand, or can get!! In this video, I find a couple great matches. One of which is for pickel relish. Albertsons has it on sale for $1.89ea... BUT, if you buy 1, they will give you 2 free! HOW AWESOME is that?!? So, I then see that I have a few relish coupons, and I can use 3 of the MQ (manufacturers coupons) with this deal because 3 items are being scanned. even though Albertsons is giving me 2 free jars for buying one, they still have to scan it. SO, when I scan my manufacturers coupons, they will take off 75 cents for EACH jar.. leaving it a negative balance for me to pay (they owe me). Now, depending on where you shop, they may use the overage as a credit towards something else you wanna buy, OR some give you cash back (Walmart). The goal of coupon matching is to find the best deal possible out of your local stores. Hope this helps! MORE TO COME!!!

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