Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lets kick off 2012 with BIG SAVINGS!!!

Ok, so I am actually BLOGGING!! WOOT WOOT!! For those of you who follow me, you are used to once a week update on CVS, and what all I get with my beloved Extra Care Bucks! Well, CVS is not the only place you can save money. As a matter of fact, COUPONING is NOT the ONLY way to save money either ;) So, this year I plan on blogging about all sorts of different ways you can hold on to more money. If you are like me... you wanna save every penny you can get! I am asking for people to comment for requests.... what I mean by that is WHAT would you like to see from me this year?? What kind of videos?? Blogs?? I want your opinions! I am dedicating my life to this now, and need your help as you are the driving force keeping me going. Lets see how much we can save this year my divas!!!

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