Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ok, went to Target today!!!!
Get this........... are you ready........ are you sure????? I SPENT $2.92 TOTAL oop!!!!

Transaction #1 FIVE DOLLAR MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!

1- John Frieda Full Repair shampoo $5.99
1- John Frieda Full repair conditioner $5.99
1- John Frieda full repair root booster $5.99

My coupons used:
3- $5/1 John Frieda Full Repair (Sunday paper 6/5)
1- $3/2 John Frieda Full repair ( web coupon
PLUS, you get a $5 FREE GIFT CARD after you check out!
I spent ZERO!!!!! PLUS I made $5 off the deal!!!

Transaction #2 (some things we needed)

1- Hartz dog bones ($1/1 Sunday Paper)
2- Milkbone dog treats ($1.50/2 Sunday paper)
2- bags Milkbone chewy treats (FREE, because both boxes came with FREE peel coupons on box)
3- Meow Mix wet cat food (on sale for 41 cents)
1- Loaf of bread (at retail)

I lost my receipt, but after the gift card I used from transaction #1, I only owed $2.92 for ALL of that!!!

Yup, walked into Target with $3.00 in my wallet to prove to my boyfriend I could get all of this for that cheap! And, I walked out with 8 cents to spare!! I WIN LOL :)


  1. I was so excited yesterday to attempt the deal idea you suggested here with 3/$5 and 1/$3 coupon.
    Well I tried it yesterday but I ended up paying $2.50 out of pocket. Somehow one of the coupons for $5 came up at the register for $2.97 only. Are you aware of things like this happening? Did I do something wrong? I look forward to your feedback!!- Thanks!

  2. Something DID go wrong!!! when that happens, please ask for a store manager :) Sometimes, there are glitches, and the manager can over-ride them.

  3. @Smokin' Ace..... HOWEVER, you did do well! You made $2.50 off the deal, AND you got @ 25.00 worth of product!!! So, good job. We all run into situations where coupons don't come out quite like they should :/ but you still essentially MADE MONEY off the deal! So, wtg!